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USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch - Model 686B

IMI Sensors technical support is unmatched. Years of application engineering experience have yielded technical tips to help maintenance teams to protect their critical machinery against unscheduled downtime. Check them out!


USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch - Model 686B
IMI's model 686B smart vibration switch is a technological breakthrough in the vibration switch market...and inexpensive too.

Anyone familiar with mechanical vibration switches has faced this scenario: your mechanical vibration switch shuts down your machine, halting production, yet the machine appears to be working fine. The vibration levels are not abnormal. After the switch is reset production resumes, but the downtime cost the company money at a time when productivity has never been more critical.

A mechanical switch relies on a spring latch mechanism to trip when vibration exceeds the pre-set threshold. But without time delay capability a mechanical switch is nothing but a shock switch. Transient, temporary events completely unrelated to machine vibration and condition often cause false trips, resulting in shutdowns.

Worse yet after several false trips users often set mechanical switch thresholds to the max. In this case one's switch may not be providing adequate, or any, protection.

"We had a fan blade fly off, go right through the cowling and out into the parking lot," said one longtime mechanical switch user. "Fortunately nobody was hurt. The mechanical switch never even tripped. The only reason the motor shut down was it vibrated off its mount, pulling the electrical wires out."

IMI's USB programmable smart vibration switch puts an end to the era of unreliable mechanical switches. It's features are like no other switch on the market today:

  • Programmable time delay prevents false trips
  • Small, accelerometer-sized footprint allows for easy installation
  • Actual vibration levels can be read via programming software
  • Programming is easy with just one screen plus...
  • MAVT magnetic touch programming allows for the simplest of threshold settings. Simply touch the magnet to the side of the switch when it is on the machine to automatically trip at 2x the current vibration level
  • Competitively priced with mechanical switch counterparts and significant quantity discounts are available starting at just six units.

Trial units are available and demos can be arranged through IMI's network of domestic Field Application Engineers and international distributors.Please call IMI's toll free number for more information and ask to speak with one of our Application Engineers.

Model 686B Programming Software (Zip file)
Download our model 686B USB programmable smart vibration switch programming software

USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch - Model 686B
Brochure details IMI's major technological breakthrough for the vibration switch market. The Smart Vibration Switch is a simple, yet fully programmable electronic switch offered at the low price of a mechanical switch.

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