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High Temperature ICP® Accelerometer with temp range to 325 ºF (162 ºC)

HT602D01 - Platinum Stock Product
Series HT602D
Product Hightlights
Industry leading high temperature performance in ICP® designs
A variety of rugged connector and integral cable options
Case isolated, hermetically sealed housing

IMI Sensors is the industry leader in high temperature accelerometers. Our high temperature accelerometers with internal electronics (ICP®) have the best temperature capability of any design on the market today. Often used by predictive maintenance departments in the industry of paper, plastics and steel manufacturing, these accelerometers provide critical machinery data that prevents failures and reduces downtime.

All of these high temp ICP® accelerometers are capable of surviving continuous temperatures of 325 ºF (162 ºC). For applications that exceed these temperatures we have a variety of charge mode accelerometers that can reach 1200 ºF (649 ºC).

  Typical Applications
  Paper Machines & Conveyors
  Steel Rolling & Annealing
  Plastics Manufacturing
  Acidic Applications