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High Temperature Accelerometers
Sensors for the most demanding gas turbine measurement & monitoring requirements

High Temp Accelerometers

Vibration monitoring of gas turbines can provide crucial information to diagnose potential problems, leading to an increase in uptime and a decrease in unplanned maintenance, catastrophic failures and accidents.

Innovations in high temperature accelerometer technology for gas turbine monitoring now enable vibration measurement in extreme heat environments of up to +1300 ºF (+704 ºC). IMI's high temp accelerometers come in a variety of frequencies, temperature ranges and configurations. Integral charge amplifiers allow for use with standard data acquisition equipment.

EX600B1X Model EX611A20 High Temperature Charge Output Accelerometer  
Very High Temp

Series EX600B1X
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High Temp Charge
Output Accelerometer

Model EX611A20
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Model HT622A01 Model 612A01  
High Temp ICP® Accelerometer
Model HT622A01
High Temp Industrial Charge Accelerometer
Model 612A01
Model 357D    
Extreme High Temp Charge Accelerometer
Series 357D9X


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Charge Output Accelerometer
Model EX611A20     
High temperature,intrinsically safe, charge mode accelerometer, 10 pC/g sensitivity, 1200 degree F, 10 ft integral hard-line cable.
  • Sensitivity: (±5%) 10 pC/g (1.02 pC/(m/s²))
  • Measurement Range: ±200 g pk (±1962 m/s² pk)
  • Frequency Range: (±5%) 2800 Hz
  • Electrical Connector: LEMO PCA.0S.302.CLLC42
  • Weight: (without cable) 6.3 oz (180 gm)
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