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Sensors optimized for the unique challenges of protecting & monitoring reciprocating machineryDownload a White Paper!INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! Reciprocating Machinery Protector - Model 649A01USB Programming Kit - Model 600A16
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Model 649A01
Product Hightlights
Detects faults in reciprocating compressors
Outperforms impact transmitters
Continuous trending with alarm & alert levels for early warning

Years of frustrating unanticipated reciprocating compressor failures have lead to the development of the new line of IMI Reciprocating Machinery Protectors. We have learned that the proven successful methods of condition monitoring on rotating equipment do not yield good results on reciprocating devices. IMI has developed the RMP product line to detect impacts caused by looseness of internal parts. Depending on the amplitude of the impact and how many times the impact occurs within a specified time window, the appropriate 4-20 mA signal is provided. The industry leading USB Programming capability makes it easy to match the RMP to any reciprocating application. For properly running machinery, the IMI RMP allows you to trend peak acceleration data.

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Typical Applications
  Reciprocating Compressors
  Reciprocating Pumps
  Other Reciprocating Machinery

USB Programming Kit
Customize settings on your USB Programmable Sensor, including: Power-on, startup and operating delays
Reciprocating Machinery Protector - USB Programming Screenshots

RMP - Definition of Variables
So what do those programming options mean? This brief document takes a quick look at the variables used to calculate the severity of the impacts the Reciprocating Machinery Protector detects.

RMP Programming Software (Zip File) V1.2
Download our model 649A USB programmable Reciprocating Machinery Protector programming software.

RMP White Paper
This white paper written by lead engineer George Zusman discusses the technology and settings behind IMI's revolutionary Reciprocating Machinery Protector

Smart Vibration Sensors
Brochure details IMI's groundbreaking series of USB programmable vibration sensors. Learn about our smart 4-20 mA vibration transmitter, bearing fault detector, reciprocating machinery protector and vibration switch.